International Cooperation Strategy

On May 31st 2010, in the frame of the Innovative Green Building Vision 2010 conference, a working group gathering representatives from various international organizations and networks drafted a “3 layers” strategy to develop international cooperation around the Smart IPv6 Building project:

A – Smart IPv6 building international cooperation
It was proposed to further develop the community of interest around Smart IPv6 Building concept through a forum of discussion with interested academic and industrial partners. The Forum could meet to discuss and share recent developments. It could disseminate information through the website. The process could be organized in cooperation with all the relevant and interested organizations.

B – Smart IPv6 building test bed and showcase
It was proposed to develop a test bed to demonstrate the potential of IPv6 to better manage built environments, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, increase security and comfort and ease the development of the Internet of things. This strategy could be implemented through partnerships with alliances (such as IPSO Alliance, the IPv6 Forum, etc.), research projects, and industrial partners.

C – Training and educational tool for developing countries
It was proposed to promote IPv6 and to train visiting delegates on IPv6 and future Internet technologies for developing countries. The training could also involve several premises, such as the ITU, the CERN, ISOC, and other existing ICT infrastructures in Geneva. This strategy could be implemented through a partnership with international organizations, 6Deploy and industrial partners. It would be easy to take advantage of the 4’500 international meetings hold every year in Geneva to train visiting delegates with engineering background. The limited training costs could be sponsored by public or private partners.