The Smart IPv6 Building in Brief

IPV6 Logo transInformation and Communication Technologies (ICT) have reshaped our world. The emergence of the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) will further transform our environment. It will enable billions of devices to have their own IP address, to be interconnected and to work together. It is paving the way to the future Internet of things, in which sensors, actuators and devices will be directly connected to each other, with an almost unlimited scalability. The Smart IPv6 building project intends to explore this IPv6 potential in built environments. It will test innovative forms of interactions, by transforming buildings into smart and interactive environments, with pervasive and distributed intelligence. It will also develop the potential of IPv6 to improve buildings' energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a smarter building management. The Smart IPv6 building project provides an international platform for research, academic and industrial partners. It is hosted by Mandat International and supported by the IPv6 Forum, as well as by several international research projects, such as Hobnet and IoT6.

image BatimentThe Smart IPv6 building project will be deployed and tested in real situations with existing buildings, and latter with new constructions, including a project in the middle of the international organizations area in Geneva: the "International Cooperation House". This building intend to provide budget accommodation and support for experts and delegates with limited resources coming from developing countries to attend international conferences, as well as offices for organisations working with the UN system. The central location and high visibility of this new building will be used to showcase and promote IPv6 based technologies. If you are interested to cooperate with us to bring IPv6-related solutions or to provide a building for tests, feel free to contact us.


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